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I brewed coffee and Rosie Lee
For the group gathered there,
Grinned at the complaints
As I slouched down in my chair.
Veterans Centre Drop in,
Maybe therapeutic chat,
Vets of various ages gathered
To relax and chew the fat.

Four tours in Afghanistan
Talking of locating an I.E.D
Young man of twenty four
Diagnosis, P.T.S.D.
Korean War Veteran
Able to talk at last.
Still troubled by memories
From so many years past.

Veteran of Kosovo
No matter how hard he tries
Can’t speak of what he’s seen,
Always breaks down and cries.
French Foreign Legionnaire,
His recollection deprived
Of any details of that action,
The only one who’d survived.

Northern Ireland, The Falklands
Iran, First and Second Gulf War.
Some of them sitting talking
As they’ve never talked before.
A cross generational gathering
Giving mutual support
Black Forces humour leading to
Sometimes a too barbed retort.

A time to relax and accept
Friendship’s what it’s all about,
And if you can’t take the joshing
Then don’t to try and dish it out.
I have to leave the meeting
To go and answer the phone
A morale raising chat with
Disabled Vet living on his own.

A band of sisters and brothers
Each having served in their way
All very well aware our oath
Could've been called into play..
With engagements finished
One way of life quickly ends,
Out to a strange new environment
Without old comrades and friends

We look after ourselves and watch
For that thousand yard stare.
For we know our Grateful country
Just can’t be bothered to care.
When it’s closing down time.
i know next week they’ll be back
For a coffee or Rosie Lee and
More of the banter and the craic.

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