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Always On My Mind...

You may never know the extent of your presence,
ever prevalent in every circumstance.
Absent from my thoughts; never,
you will be in my heart & on my mind forever.

When in need...I close my eyes,
conjuring views of your beautiful face,
recalling your smile brings me to a warm loving place.
My Love grew ever stronger with each sweet gaze,
your gently kiss, your loving touch, your soft embrace.

Essentials within my heart that cannot be replaced.
When we are apart, our reunion I chase,
No obstacle is too tough, nothing will stand in my way.
Closing the distance, as quickly as I can,
because without you; I am just a lonely man.

Our history speaks for itself,
a couple truly experiencing the love of one another.
Exemplary in tone, unreal to those looking in.
For my part, I would put no one above her.

Obstacles between us have never stood true,
there is nothing we cannot overcome,
just me and you.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Always On My Mind...