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The Long Road Home

Reluctantly traversing the darkness back home.
She asked me to drive safely,
voicing her concern for my safety.
Agreeing to be careful as can be,
withholding tears to the best of my ability.

Fully aware of the extensive turmoil inside,
my mind & body go numb while I endure a torturous drive.
Twisting and turning...curves in my path,
The future is my concern, may we never look back.
Emotions suppressed, I head down the highway,
hoping her decisions will lead her back my way.

Windows down, music turned up...
blasting screamo, because...that's how I cope.
Pulling into our driveway,
my resiliency dissolves.
Mostly a front, enough to get on...
helping me survive, the long road home.

Original Work By: Shawn A.

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The Long Road Home