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Eternally Grateful

When I met her, I was lost...
Burned in the past, cautious of the cost.
Friends fade & lovers disdain,
past lessons dictating perseverance through the pain.

But her smile called to me,
reigniting feelings long gone...
Suddenly a spark,
it was as though my heart switched back on.

Eager to meet her,
I faked an office task...
Flashing her a smile,
while pretending to send a fax.

She reciprocated...my attempt well received.
Her beautiful smile playful and sincere,
granting my battered heart a reprieve.

From this a blossom,
a small growth that would surely bloom,
nurtured by your love,
I would greedily consume.

Almost immediately, romance swirled.
Everything aligned as though it was fate.
I was truly happy with my new girl,
eagerly planning our first dates.

Smitten to levels previously unknown,
a light in my world, previously not shown.
Caring, kind, compassionate and true,
I found the perfect companion in you.

Never again will another compare,
my life won't be the same...without you there.
Eternally grateful...embossed on my heart.
I will love you always & forever,
never to stop.

Original Work By: Shawn A.

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Eternally Grateful