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What Remains

What is a castle, without its Queen? An empty home, a broken dream.
Flowers wilt & then they fade, next to follow is rot & decay.

The passion in there, but it is now one sided.
Her feelings for me, she says have long subsided.

Holding on to yesteryear, pictures tell tales of adventures past.
Memories I will hold forever dear, it's amazing how time goes by so fast.
Thirteen and a half years isn't nearly enough,
recalling each day that intensified my love.

Our home now a prison,
it feels as though I have been sentenced to death.
Grasping with all my might, to anything that is left.

Walls caving in, or is that my heart?
No one understands how it feels when we're apart.
The pain excruciating, intolerable doses...
the blood in my veins, a cocktail of emotions.

What is she thinking, who is she with?
Will she remember the good times, will she remember my kiss?
The touch of my fingers, caressing her thigh,
will she return, will she continue to try?

While not a praying man, I am down on my knees,
begging that the faith in our love, is all that we need.  
Hands interlocked so tightly blood ceases to flow.
Tears streaming down my face, she is all that I know.

May I find the strength to pull through, adoring the time I spent with you.
Trying to maintain positive thoughts, for all I love is not lost.
My life was enriched with each passing day,
living pictures in my mind, where forever happy we will stay.

Original Work By: Shawn A.

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What Remains