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It Has Been Said...

She says that she loves me, that I am almost the perfect man.
I simply tried to treat her right, and always do the best I can.
She says she loves all of the things, I am capable of...
I wonder if this will be enough, to retain her love.

She loves that I'm responsible, I cook and I clean...
I only desire to make a life we can enjoy as a team.

She loves that I am handy, I can fix almost anything.
I have always been intrigued, by all types of things.

She loves that I know cars, it has saved our ass.
It's in my DNA, my blood is part gas.

But she can't say why, her feelings have changed.
I am blindsided, suffering through immeasurable amounts of pain.

She says I have always been, the best she could ask for...
Then why does it seem like it's suddenly over?

There is no reason to throw it all away.
If you love that much about me, I implore you to stay.

Ask those with longevity and they will tell you.
Each day is a blessing that you both should work through.

This is all good and easy to say...
but none of it works, if you just walk away.

I appreciate your assessment, but I am far from perfect.
I just know I love you and that you are worth it.

I have no intentions of breaking your heart.
This is something I told you from the very start.

Always and forever, I promised to care for you,
and that is exactly what I intend to do.

At no time have I ever been dishonest,
this is another thing to you that I promised.

So please think about all the happy times we had,
not the few times that you said were, but weren't all that bad.

I can keep writing, but no amount of words can express
How deeply I feel for you, how I will love you until death.

But she may never read this, just clearing my head.
So again, it has been said...

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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It Has Been Said...