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Is This the End?

Never have I ever fallen so fast & so hard,
I can ensure you, my heart is forever scarred.

So many firsts all experienced with you,
exciting new chapters, all fresh and new.

Things that I will forever cherish,
even though we may never make it to marriage.

I saw the light and love in your eyes,
I now know what is possible when the right person arrives.

Although I am afraid I have already lost mine,
I'm sure that two won't come along in a lifetime.

So if that's the case and I never find another,
I hope she understands just how much I love her.

I question my path, where do I go from here?
Is there a reason to still breathe this air?

I'm afraid the rest of my life will be empty,
only our memories that I can take with me.

Any future where I have conscious thought,
I will always remember what I have lost.

So how can I possibly distract from this pain,
I wish I could just sleep it away.

But I can't because my body won't listen,
sleeping less and less...based on how much I miss her.

Bad dreams are coming, without hesitation,
self-medication unfortunately no longer suppressing them.

My appetite is gone, I've eaten once in four days,
my body matches my heart, now withering away.

Deteriorating gradually & slowly from within,
just waiting to see her again.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Is This the End?