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The One That Got Away

You have inquired about past relationships,
asking if there is anyone I wish I could have stayed with.

At that point there was no one, not one I could name,
my past relationships had all been the same.

Girls who were liars, unfaithful & fast,
If it needs to be clearer, you can just ask.

But you don't and that's okay,
however if you did, here is what I might say.

There was the girl with real issues, but nothing that she would admit to...
In the end, she was not someone I could commit to.

Blinded by love, I thought she was perfect,
I even considered marriage, maybe she was worth it.

But then came the problems, texts in the night.
Messaged the wrong Shawn for cocaine...clever, right?

So that's when I found out about all the issues,
Lies and deceit, not something we can work through.

Although I tried, it even split us once,
my choice and you agreed, to see if it worked.

But it didn't and even before that, I already knew,
I really only ever wanted to be with you.

Missing you starting from that very first day,
I didn't feel for her in the same way.

So it failed, just as I knew it would,
and I was worried if you would be open to talk.

Heavy on my thoughts, forever on my mind,
I decided to pursue you one more time.

When you were positive and seemed to flirt back,
it sent me into overdrive, a near heart attack.

I couldn't believe there may be another chance,
it was all I could ask, and had me feeling my best.

Completely devoted with the highest of hopes,
I took a leap & asked, and you didn't say no.

But that is our story, back to my own.
There are some others that you may know.

The tattooed chick, the one that tricked me?
Telling me I had a kid, just so that she could live for free.

She also cheated on me regularly, but I never found out.
Not until it was over, and the truth came about.

Court ordered testing to prove she was mine,
all to find out 5 years was a lie.

I can keep going it just gets more f@*#!d,
misadventures of my past, this time capsule of love.

At least that's what I thought, until I met you,
the first real introduction of what kind of love is true.
No reason to suffer if someone really loves you,
the way you make me feel is nothing to compare to.
I understand now, what I deserve...
you provided all of it, please believe these words.

So ask me again and it will pain me to say,
that you will always be the one that got away.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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The One That Got Away