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Room To Grow

High as can be, on top of the world,
this was my life, just me and my girl.
Laughter and love, good times abound,
I was never unhappy when she was around.

Different lifestyles, but similar interests,
made is so easy to take my time & invest.
Your views, your approach, your nature to please,
all things I found mesmerizing; my love came with ease.
There are so many things about you I adore,
I could list a million, and then a million more.

I knew it was real, when you told me you might move,
off to California to try something new.
The impact immediate, I just couldn't believe it.
But that didn't happen, and with me you stayed,
enjoying our time together, each night and day.

Concerts and trips, shows and vacations,
our love was our bond, and adventure is what we were chasing.
From the mountains to the ocean, nothing was off limits.
Climbing up peaks, or shredding back down them,
I was so thirsty, and our love was the fountain.

You were my greatest discovery, enticing and pure,
overdosing on your love, my heart found a cure.
For my past had been laced with heartbreak and pain,
I made some bad decisions, actually several...along the way.

But you made me feel different, like everything would be okay,
so I choose to better myself, trying to make good choices each day.
Gone was the excessive partying, the girls and the drugs,
I wanted to focus; I wanted a life filled with love.

Not a moment too soon, because my old life would have killed me,
I was pushing the limits, and no one could stop me.
But all of that ceased, calm and collective I became,
practically a new person, yet with the same name.

Although some would disagree,
I was surely improving, becoming a better me.
So please don't think that I am incapable of change,
you know my past, you know I am not the same.
It's sketchy at best, but no one is perfect,
for you I would change the world, because you are worth it.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Room To Grow