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My Greatest Memory

So many years together, amazing from the very start,
but let me tell you the greatest memory in my heart.
It started with an idea, MANY years ago,
I knew she was the one, so started planning how it would go.
From the very start, I knew Hawaii was the place,
volcanoes, mountains, cliffs & the beach...a perfect space.

I thought of the beach, possibly hot and crowded,
knowing how much you love the ocean, and everything about it.
Then I thought, maybe on a hike...
she'll briefly walk ahead while I find a view I like.
Set up the camera, hopefully she won't see,
then pretend to tie my shoe and drop to one knee.
High on a trail, overlooking the ocean,
I felt this idea was solid and potent.

Looking into flights, and planning for the ring,
my days were consumed by only one thing.
Searching for one that symbolizes our love,
this process was both grueling and increasingly tough.
To the rescue, my family came in a flash,
aware and excited for what I had planned next.

Mom & sis picked her up and off to the store,
telling her that my mom was who they were shopping for.
A ring she kept going back to, sparkles galore,
I was afraid it wasn't enough, and asked to see more.
'That's the one' my sister stated, she was absolutely sure,
saying the sales agent had written it down for her.

With that, I was sold, the ring was now mine,
to give to my love at the future planned time.
Ring in my possession, not one to settle;
I found a custom ring box for this precious metal.

On to the flights, now here comes the kicker,
it wouldn't have been possible, without help from her sister.
Texting me at work to say she found a great deal,
I knew this was how, the only way it would become real.

Flights now booked, Hawaii the destination,
both excited and nervous for our most important vacation.
Checking the ring box multiple times per day,
I had to confirm it was still nice and safe.

I carried it with me, waiting for the right time,
then came plans to go to Mauna Kea and climb.
As luck would have it, the time and the place,
it was the 10 year anniversary, of our very first date.
When we arrived, I knew it was perfect,
the most amazing views, the wait was so worth it.

As we explored, enjoying our adventure,
I approached your sister, so that I could tell her.
I showed her the ring, and she immediately screamed,
I was sure she had just ruined the whole thing.

But you were off sightseeing, not paying attention,
thank goodness, you were still unaware of my intentions.
I said 'Let's climb that', pointing to the highest peak,
poised above the clouds, the most beautiful place in Hawaii...I think.

From the top, multiple remnants of volcanic cones,
distant giants, accessories to the sparkle of the stones.
Now at the top, standing hand in hand,
taking in the expansive views of this tropical land.

We've made it this far, now just turn to the other side,
I need to pull this ring from the place where it hides.
Like magic, you spun around to look at all the beauty,
the perfect time for me to drop to one knee.

Not without issue, ground loose and unstable,
a near fall was almost on the table.
But I controlled it, regained my composure,
opening the ring box, so that I could propose to her.

The smile on her face, the joy in her eyes,
never will that memory ever subside.
So excited, she even forgot to say yes!
Sticking her hand out without words, knowing what to expect.

I slid the ring on her finger, the greatest moment of my life,
knowing she had happily agreed to be my wife.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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My Greatest Memory