Tattoos in Mayberry

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She splashes
a dollop with a swig and a dash
She loves my long hair
and handlebar moustache.
When my pedal's to the metal
She's pulls me
from the wreckage when I crash.
All  back breaking news 
the crisis of the hour.
gets  absorbed, then dissipated
by my Passion Flower.
your whispers in my ear
assures me there's nothing to fear.
Every precious moment
is a gift
being with you.
You shield me from mighty Pharoahs
combing deserts  in search of errant
You're healing medicine
I eagerly suck up through a tube.
I am your gear shift
you are my lube.
So, gas up my engines
and I'll purr like a kitten.
Awaken me to a life unjaded
Free me from the
devils I've created.
So, I may slay my demons
and not die a thousand times in disaray
Affirming my full,
recovery is on it's way
No more endless bloody battles
fighting for our rights.
When cops interrogate with questions
shining bright their blinding lights..
If ever I'm a prisoner
and the bars shut tight on me.
Your love is there to bail me out.
on unconditional release.
Double down  when tricky laws are written
to squash us as some social disease.
Drive  opposing armies half insane
with lightening, thunder
ticks and fleas.
When I  sing you my swan song.
You hum along
not bang a defeaning  gong.
Your my bedtime story
my morning and my 
noon day Sun..
We're scene shoplifters
on the run.
If this tribute to 
my Passion Flower
waxes in the skein of arts poetics..
Forgive me but I'm interning 
for my doctorate in lyrical obstetrics.
You don't bend, break
Or beat me with a mallet or a mace.
Or bulrush to become my silent partner
stamping a bar code on my face.
What is there to fear
You're the only voice I care to hear

The heartache of bad news
dissipates every second
of every hour.
Warm and dry in cold flooding rain 
with you
my passion flower.

All publishing, editing, and copyrights reserved as is by this author.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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My Passion Flower