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Cleansing Force

She once asked how come I don't write her poetry,
'My Dear', I said 'the other side or my pen is not where you want to be.'
Not to be misinterpreted, it's not due to a lack of love,
no, quite the opposite, I write poems to clear my thoughts.

When times are tough, or I am in doubt,
pen to paper, to get it all out.
When emotions hit me, and I can't speak how I feel,
I turn to poetry, and my feelings just spill.
Jotting them down quickly before the next one moves in,
one line leaves my mind, just as another begins.

Some rather dark, and some on repeat,
I write them down and they eventually leave.
Not a danger to myself, but destructive in nature,
this is why I put these dark thoughts on paper.
Therapeutic it is, I tell you it's true,
I hope that I would never have to write about me and you.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Cleansing Force