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The Landscape of Your Beauty

The other day I was thinking of all the beautiful places we've seen,
mountains, valleys, and gentle flowing streams.
Peaks covered in snow, green and pink sand beaches,
but nothing compares to the beauty of your features.
I always make a point to tell you, but I don't think you believe,
so, here's what it is that I see.

Double your beauty, because it's both inside and out,
definitely something worth talking about.
A beautiful smile, mind, body & soul,
you are truly a sight, one to behold.
A take charge girl when the situation calls,
she's very talented, she can handle it all.
Exceptionally smart, she always has the best approach,
an asset to those around her, their mentor, their coach.
Always helpful, in every little way,
a pleasure to everyone she encounters each & every day.

And that's just on the inside, it's only the start,
I haven't even mentioned her enormous heart.
It beats to help others, never focusing on herself,
she gives all that she has, never complaining about what's left.
All contained in such a petite package,
tied up all pretty, let's talk about the wrapping.

No I'm not shallow...okay, that may be a lie,
but she is so very attractive to me, so pleasing to the eye.
Speaking of her eyes, she sports big beautiful browns,
deeper than the ocean, so deep, I could drown.
From there we'll journey down to her soft kissable lips,
magnetically attractive, impossible to resist.
The nape of her neck, the curve of her nose,
all the way down to her tiny little toes.
But let's not get ahead, back to my focus,
She is absolutely amazing, and I hope that she knows this.

Recalling the contour of her shoulders, so silky and smooth,
one of the places I start, if I want to make a move...
but that's another story, one inappropriate for the moment,
it would get an R rating, and nothing below it.
Dirty thoughts on my mind, temporarily suppressed,
from her cute collar bone, through the valley of her breasts.

So now you can see, the solution is simple...
forgot my point fantasizing about her perky... oh, umm...dimples.
Hah, what a good save! ...she can be so distracting,
without even trying, my attention she is always attracting.
Without getting too detailed, let me just say,
the girls are two perfect handfuls, nothing to waste.

It's an animalistic attraction that makes me this way,
she is my classic beauty, and I just can't look away.
Her skin so soft, I could traverse it all night with my fingers,
waking in the morning and finding the passion still lingers.
Slight little poke, a tickle to her ribs,
she make me feel like a playful little kid.
Mischievous touches, an escape from the lips,
the cutest audible giggle, as I play with her hips.
Don't let me skip, what is hiding around back,
the cutest little butt, so deserving of a smack.

But I digress, getting sidetracked,
but how could I not, with a great butt like that.
From here the journey gets longer, straight through no stopping,
as we travel her gorgeous legs, from the top to the bottom.
Impossible in length, extending for what seems like miles,
whenever I think of them, irremovable smiles.
Whether caressing her thigh, or playing with her knee,
her legs are something breathtaking, a sight you must see.
Last to mention, but certainly not least,
she walks through my mind all day, on the cutest little feet.
From her tiny ankles; to her arches so high,
additional sexy features that I cannot deny.
Now we are back to her tiny little toes,
not to be forgotten, they are cute as a rose.
She is the complete package, a real stunning creature,
put her on stage, and she would be the main feature.
Beauty of a goddess, but humble as can be,
I just want you to know what it is that I see.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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The Landscape of Your Beauty