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Today is the day, and I should be very excited,
but I'm scared and I'm nervous, no matter how much I fight it.
Feelings inside stirring, anxiety on high,
this could turn out to be the worst night of my life.

Hoping for the best, with fears of the worst,
something I won't know until we talk it through first.
I know that I love her, and I want her to stay,
hopeful through the tears that she feels the same way.

Too many years to forget, too much love to ever heal,
so many layers of emotions for her that I feel.
With my fears in my pocket, waiting eagerly for her arrival,
praying that tonight is the beginning of our revival.

Dilating pupils, scientific proof of love,
exploding when I see her, anticipating her touch.
I want to run to her so badly, kisses prepared,
lift her up high and spin her through the air.
Embraced in a hug that reverberates through time,
but still just a fantasy, it's all in my mind.

Those are my hopes, as high as they can be,
maybe she won't want to be touched, maybe just by me.
Just one of my fears, spreads a cold feeling through my chest,
emotions getting the way, unable to speak of the rest.
I know we have work ahead, I'm ready and willing,
anything we can do to not lose this feeling.

For now, I sit here, watching the clock,
minutes pass so slow, they almost seem stopped.
So, I check my phone, then I check my watch,
and they both match the incredibly slow clock.
Time dragging by, yet my thoughts are racing,
unable to comprehend the situation we're facing.
I believe I'll know when your face I see,
whether or not, you'll return to me.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Return to Me...