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Legendary Love

A story unbelievable, love unrelatable,
the kinds of things spoken in myths and shared fables.
A real-life meet-cute, the story of how we met,
it placed joy in my heart when nothing was left.
Completely taken back by your smile and beauty,
I knew I had to meet you, it was my destiny, my duty.

You say I am weird, you had just returned from Florida,
sunburned with tan lines, you thought you looked horrible.
But I disagree, and soon found it was true,
after only a few days of having lunch with you.
The quite one of your group, but with others aware,
we had lunch together each day, and I tried not to stare.

Notice was taken, and soon friends were helping,
soon there was a part, both of us were attending.
What do I wear, what will she think,
how do I act, what if I have too much to drink?
All questions I'll answer when the time comes,
off to the party to have some fun.
I was so nervous, but everything went well,
from that first night, our love continued to build.

Throughout the years, other would comment on what we have,
wishing they did too, jealous of our love.
How do you do it, why don't you ever fight?
I love her and promised to always try to do what is right.
Issues hardly ever come up, but when they do it takes understanding,
never try to control each other, don't be demanding.
Try to see things from the other side of the fence,
love each other ever day, because you never know when it will end.

Some don't believe it, and yet others do,
an amazing example of love, both unique and true.
Each day continually better than the last,
eagerly awaiting our future, saying goodbye to my past.
A whirlwind romance, round and round it swirled,
flying higher than the clouds, free like a bird.

Epic in proportion to anything that came before,
even years later, my heart has always been hers.
She still holds my attention, just as she did on day one,
just another reason I can't let go of this legendary love.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Legendary Love