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And So Now It Ends...

My heart is broken, not in two...but completely,
I can't find a pulse, I'm sure it's not beating.
I've tried to restart it, but it's not igniting,
she pushes off my requests, now matter what I am trying.
Give me time I ask her, to rekindle that spark,
she says there's no way, too long in the dark.
These words cut me deeply, I'm so passionately in love,
blinded to the fact, that I guess she is not.
We talk of issues, small things in the past,
add them all up, and they are no more than that.
Just small problems, nothing we can't fix,
says she doesn't want to waste my time on problems like this.
I seize that quickly, it was never a waste,
holding her gently while starring into her face.
Every moment cherished, even the bad ones,
all of them remembered in the bonds of love.
I beg for her to stay, but she isn't giving in,
she's no longer in love with me, she reminds me again.
The final blow likely, this may have been when,
my heart stopped beating and so now it ends...

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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And So Now It Ends...