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Vivid Dreams

They are a cruel joke, these vivid dreams,
so real that you believe, the things you are seeing.
Don't get me wrong, they can be amazing,
but when the script suddenly flips, totally devastating.

Last night after you told me that you wanted to separate,
we held each other close, while drifting off to sleep.
Except I didn't stay asleep, not for very long,
waking moments later, when I couldn't feel your touch.

Now back awake, and realizing where I was,
possibly the last night next to the woman I madly love.
So I took your hand, while trying not to cry,
you woke up anyway though, because I couldn't hold it inside.

I kissed your hand gently, and held you close again,
all the while, wishing the night would never end.
Drifting back off to sleep, a few more minutes claimed,
before I awake, to find the situation is the same.

More tears come heavy, matching the rain,
a dreary setting outside, atmospheric pain.
My thoughts go back to 'what if this is my last chance',
I just want to hold her, absorbing as much as I can.

So again tight and close, I hold her for two hours,
then drift off to sleep again, and that's when it happened.
A dream so real, I could swear it was true,
sights of a happy couple, smiles from me & you.

Only a few seconds, but enough to believe,
you walked by with a smile and said 'come with me'.
I know that smile, a very flirtatious one,
often leads to us tangled in hours of naked fun.

So I felt that real happy, genuine ecstatic feeling,
raising my hopes high, from the floor to the ceiling.
In my dream, I watched you walk off and got up to follow,
and then you disappeared, and I had just lost you.

Now awake and realizing, it was all just a dream,
trampled by emotions, I wanted to belt out a scream.
But she is still sleeping, and I try not to disturb her,
instead pushing down all of my angst and my furor.

Keep it inside, because telling her won't help,
but before I know it, her eyes open, she has awoken as well.
I tell her I'm sorry for waking her, and kiss her forehead,
holding her close again, as close as I possibly can.

These final beautiful moments, not sure how many are left,
I will take them all, and consider them a gift.
I just want to hold her for as long as I can,
not sure that it will ever happen again.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Vivid Dreams