Tattoos in Mayberry

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As a moth to your flame
My pleasure's your poison.
I seek out your stinger
To be stunned by your venom
and cry out your name
I'm spinning
 the roulette wheel of love
Let it ride
let it roll
Let it go 
to the hole.
The turn of the screw
endears me to you.
I'm a blood hound
sniffing out a hot meal
With a hankerin' 
for more
than a mere morsal or two.
That's why I keep 
spinnin' your second chance wheel.
I'd feel satisfied and renewed
to taste the sweet agony that's you.
Until then.
I'm spinnin' love's roulette wheel
Let' it ride
Let it roll
to the hole.
When that spinnin' wheel is 
put into flight.
The remains of my day
gives new birth to the night.
It's why I'm hard spinnin'
that roulette wheel for love
Let it ride,
let it roll
let it go
to the hole 
and may it land 
on the number
that's you.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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The Number That`s You