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Among the land of ice and snow,
Where the ground is frozeen and chill winds blow,
There roamed a tiger of Siberian descent;
Truly a most remarkable gent.

He romped through snow and inclement weather,
Soaring over frozen turf, light as a feather.
Yet to even the carefree, harsh reality will intrude;
So it as with Icefang, in manner most rude.

His mate was slain, by furless two legged ones,
Using foul smelling sticks the two legs called guns.
Caring not her cubs would starve without their mother;.
Minds filled with lust to kill, no thoughts of any other.

Icefang returned, to find his mate's mutilated body in the snow;
Their two young cubs wailing pitifully, lined up in a row.
Rage filled tiger's heart, sweeping playfulness away;
No room for happy emotions, vengeance held full sway.

Racing o'er frozen tundra, Icefang no longer did play.
Determined to show these "hunters" how to properly slay.
One by one he tracked them down, his claws stained red with blood;
Each one felt the fury, that swept through him like a flood.

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