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Beautiful Weekend

We had a beautiful weekend, though likely our last,
it was still great, but went by so fast.
Talking and crying, reminiscing with laughter,
revisiting some of the events from our past years.
Let's grab a meal, then back to our house,
watching a movie and chilling on the couch.
Sitting close, holding your hand,
both of us enjoying it while we can.
We both know it's coming, the day that we split,
but while I can, I'd like to just sit.
Enjoying your company as much as I can,
because soon, I know I won't see you again.
Changing into comfort clothes, you decided to stay,
night clothes with sexy views, hard to look away.
Catching a glimpse of the naked body I worshiped,
a reflection in the mirror, the angle was perfect.
Not that your hiding it, beautiful parts on display,
still enjoying my touch, kissing and foreplay.
Holding each other, reassuring one another of our love,
just because it is over, doesn't mean that it's gone.
I'll love your forever, and I'll love you the same,
staring deep in yours eyes during our exchange.
Every lustful moment being committed to my memory,
soaking up every minute you are spending with me.
Snuggling up close, my head by your shoulder,
kissing your neck, then pulling you closer.
Your arms wrap around mine as they encircle your ribs,
I whisper 'I love you, and thank you for this'.
You say not to thank you, that you love me too,
we both know this will be very tough to get through.
Knowing we both love each other and will always be there,
it's helpful and soothing, still showing we care.
I've never been one to stay laying in bed,
but I didn't want to leave, because you were there.
Then when you wake, 'good morning beautiful' and a kiss,
I hope when you think of us, you remember it like this.
You were always my sunshine, the light of my day,
inspiring my joy, and brightening my way.
This is how I will remember you for all of my days,
something I am still very happy to say.
No ill will towards you, or hate on either side,
we both still love each other very much inside.
So a last weekend to help us both get through,
one of the hardest things either will ever do.
Take with you the laughs, the pleasure and the love,
think of the good times together, think of my touch.
It hurts me deeply that you have chosen to leave,
but I know it's for the best, for you though, not me.
I never would have elected to call it quits on us,
could never do that, because I love you too much.
But I want you to be happy, and I understand,
I just wish you were close, and would maybe stop in.
A welcome future visit to see how I'm doing,
a joy to see your face, even if I'm not improving.
You would then see a smile crawl from within my depths,
one nobody has seen, since before you had left.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Beautiful Weekend