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Addicted To You

For so long, she has been there at my side,
co-creating our love drug, getting me so high.
Daily doses in volumes heavy and extreme,
it was unreal, it felt like a dream.
Consistently looking forward to each day with her,
we were happy together, so real and pure.
Nothing I had ever experienced before,
I took it all in, and was eager for more.
Hit after hit of your intoxicating love,
making me feel like I was floating above.
High in the clouds, vistas on high,
enjoying each moment, completely loving my life.
With you, I was the highest I have ever been,
that kind of love, I'll never experience again.
She was so special, and I'll miss her greatly,
constantly wondering what she's doing lately.
The drug now no longer readily available,
I'm falling from heights previously unimaginable.
Descending in a vortex of sadness and pain,
having withdrawals as I fall into shame.
So sad that I lost her, I'll never forget,
don't want to talk to anyone, ashamed to admit.
Curling up on the couch, pillow collecting tears,
thinking of all of our great many years.
Pains in my stomach, pounding in my head,
trying to focus on all the great things that we did.
Hopefully they will help me with my recovery,
it helps already knowing you will always love me.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Addicted To You