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Sad To See Her Go

I never would have imagined it would ever come to this,
a discontinuation of our love, an end to our bliss.
Devastating to my mind, debilitating to my heart,
emotions now consume me, each and every part.
Trying to think of a reason for me to continue on,
despondent that I've lost her, but this is just the start.

She packed and left today, we moved her stuff to storage,
she asked me to be strong when she left, tears were discouraged.
I did my best to hold it back and just let her go,
she doesn't realize, but it was much harder than she'll know.

Now off to the airport, she wouldn't let me take her,
I asked her please, for you, let me do this favor.
She knows how hard it has been, and how hard that would be,
so she asked her brother, going with him instead of me.

Standing in the driveway waving to her as they drove away,
but she didn't wave back, she didn't even look my way.
She didn't see me, doesn't know about my last goodbye,
just one more moment that made me start to cry.

I asked her to let me know once her plane has arrived,
looking forward to her calls and texts, is how I will survive.
I told her that I love her, and I will always be there,
just because we're not together, doesn't mean that I don't care.

If she ever needs anything, she just needs to ask,
I hope she will remember, and take me up on that.
Another chance to see her, another glance or touch,
smiles exchanged with pleasantries, hiding my undying love.

One day that may happen, or worst case maybe not,
but I will look forward to it, currently it's all that I've got.
These hopes will drive me forward through the pain of it all,
anticipating brief happiness spurred by your text or call.

Until then, indomitable sadness, surrounds my every breathe,
holding out hope for anything that is left.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Sad To See Her Go