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Advice to strengthen your Faith



Seem to be a bad situation

happening, when you are at

you're very worse.


What happens when the hand

is held out to help, refused in

lack of trust?


Conquering defeat, they

say makes you a better

stronger person.


No one knows what lurks

deep inside a broken

person of loyalty, when all hope

seems to be disappearing!


They say when you ask

your angels for help

they will, when asked

besides guiding you



When you have tried

your very best, and want to die

must not give up, yet words

are easily spoken, when

it does not happen to the one

who speaks.


You must walk a mile in

another person shoes, to feel

the anguish of the one who

suffers internally.


One does not know who

has pain, one who laughs

on the outside, crying

on the inside, who really

cares enough to notice?


If there was a man walking

down a cobblestone path not knowing

harm would happen, how many who

knew the danger he was in for

would warn him of such

danger? I wonder!


They say smile! who wants

to smile, when each time

you turn, you're hitting another

brink wall, smile anyway, the

Lord is with you always

but even that, at times, does

not comfort the man who

feels lost and alone.


Words of life can be

written in many ways, but

those who have nothing

not even self-respect, cannot

understand these words

written on paper, his life

has never been good, now

his hope in life seems so

empty, a man lost in

the mountains of no



Take a pill, it will help you

easy enough to say, harder

for the ones who are ill, waiting

for a miracle, those sides

effects seem to make

everything worse.


We get stronger with all

our crosses we bear, that

is if we're able to be strong

enough for the next fall, in

which we know we must never

give up how many times we



Starvation Alley is the way

to go, looking for a soul

thoughtful enough to help

one who is down on his

or her luck feeling

no one cares!


Smile through life, the

world will smile with you

cry, you'll walk alone, with God

your heavenly father.


Do a bad thing, your Karma

triples in horror, welcome

to hell, it's how you wanted

it, now you're carrying a cross

you never had to.


Next time you see someone

who looks lost! think how you

would feel without a person

to help you in your time of

need, even when you looked

and tried so hard?


Sweet Compassion, sweet

love, where are you, when

we need you so?


( Just remember we're never alone!

God our Heavenly Father is always

with us in all our needs.


All shall work out when you start

loving yourself, understanding

everything is not all an illusion.


When we seem to know answers

without knowing, is when we have

become wise, in thought word and deed!


(Wake Up! Live for the now and Love!)


©DerenaBree(All Rights Reserved)


©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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