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As We Lay Together

I'm happy that you stayed this weekend, couldn't have asked for more,
glad you didn't just abandon me and walk right out that door.
Instead, you were sweet and compassionate to my needs,
telling me that you still love me, and spending your time with me.
I will always appreciate the way you handle this,
something that speaks to who you are, someone I will never forget.
So special to me, I can't really thank you enough,
ensuring me that even though we are apart, I will always be loved.
It's nice to hear, but hard to believe at this current time,
this tragic loss in my life, is all that is on my mind.
I held you closely, absorbing as much of your affection as I can,
I know that one day soon, I may never feel your touch again.
Even though you are leaving, I still get excited,
every time I see you, and I can't really hide it.
Hearing you pull up in the car, right into our drive,
spread happiness through my heart, knowing you had arrived.
Each moment spent with you, anticipated with bated breath,
so happy when you were by my side, trying not to think about what is next.
So, for tonight, we lay there in each others arms until a new day is dawning,
pretending, at least just for now, that the final goodbye is not coming.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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As We Lay Together