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Hold My Heart While I Sing

For as long as I remember, I have connected with the music,
a powerful tool, depending on how you use it.
Not one to discriminate, I enjoy all types of genres,
but one in particular leads the pack, if I must be honest.
We have always shared a love of the emotional anthems,
Hardcore, Emo, Scream-o, whatever you want to call it.
Taking Back Sunday, Chiodos, A Skylit Drive,
all bands whose music I believe helps me to survive.
With the widows cracked, stimulating my skin with the cool air,
singing my heart out on the way to work, without caring who is there.
For these moments, I can escape into the song,
hands trembling, lips quivering, as I sing along.
Some brighten my outlook, and therefore my day,
others flip that completely, but I sing them just the same.
Whether singing softly, expressing my devotion and love,
or screaming the darkness from my heart, through the sunroof above.
These jams of mine are healing, as I sing along,
there is truly power contained within these songs.
So, at stop lights I sit, strangers watching me perform,
as I scream love songs into my make believe microphone.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Hold My Heart While I Sing