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Do You Miss Me?

At night, when I sit alone trying to make sense of this all,
I wonder if you are thinking of me, I wonder if you will ever call.
I miss your voice terribly, I miss the feel of your touch,
everything about you, I miss it all so very much.
When I wake in the morning, you are the first thing on my mind,
I think of your face, and wonder if you can still see mine.
My eyes closed in ecstasy, recalling your beautiful gaze,
but trying to recapture your feelings is an emotional maze.
When I say I miss you, sometimes you say you miss me as well,
then other times it goes unanswered, and I am unable to tell.
You said that you love me, and you didn't want to lose me,
but then you came back and packed, deciding to flee.
How could this not turn my world upside down?
You said one thing, then did another when you got back into town.
What happened while you were gone that affected your decision?
Did you meet someone else, and felt the special tingle while you were with him?
Is that what is causing this turmoil and strife,
why you have decided to put an end to our remarkable love life?
That feeling is fleeting, it doesn't ever really stay,
sure, you may feel it now, but how long before it again goes away?
When you skin no longer responds to someone's touch,
do you just leave them, or relish the fact that you have a life built on love?
I believe what we had is as real and true as love can get,
please don't just walk away, it is something we both will regret.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Do You Miss Me?