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Lying Next To Me

I think back to when we would lay together at night,
pretending to sleep until our bodies gave up the fight.
Drifting off to sleep in close proximity of the woman I love so much,
reaching out for your hand, a finger, even the slightest touch.
That cool soothing feeling of your cold little toes on my skin,
a feeling that I would love to one day feel again.
Every available opportunity taken to cuddle,
I miss so much how you would roll over and just say 'snuggle?'
Many times, that was what we were already doing,
but I knew that more snuggles could never be a bad thing.
So often, it felt so amazing and comforting,
we would both drift off to sleep, not realizing it until the morning.
To feel so at piece, so loved and so safe,
it was a feeling that I would never ever want to trade.
Even when your hair would tickle me on my nose,
a smile and a wiggle from me, before again pulling you close.
When you were in my arms, I never felt better,
nothing I could not accomplish, my sunshine in stormy weather.
On the nights that we didn't just drift off to sleep,
the snuggles were a precursor, to our passion so deep.
Slight sensual touches, a fervent breath of desire,
letting me know you were ready, that I had ignited the fire.
The warm touch of my kisses moving softly up your spine,
to the top of your neck, where goosebumps I now find.
The change in the texture, the feel of your skin,
indications that you felt it too, that lustful feeling within.
Long nights of passion, effortless to maintain,
marathons of love, resulting in a flow of oxytocin, rushing the brain.
Yes, those nights were epic, each and every single one,
whether sleeping peacefully, or having some dirty fun.
For now, they are historical, to be recalled from the past,
but the feeling is so amazing, I hope to make it continue to last.
All that lies next to me now is your pillow,
it is all that I've got, and I just can't seem to let go.
Gripping it tightly from the moment I come to bed,
holding it closely, as if you were still there.
Your scent still lingers, so I breathe deeply to draw you in,
closing my eyes, so that I can see you again.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Lying Next To Me