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Do You Reach For Me?

When you lay in bed at night, do you ever reach for me?
Extending out your arms, to touch someone you cannot see...
Do you think of me and the tears stream down your cheek,
does it break your heart, does it make you feel weak?
Is there something on your mind that you wish you would have said,
if we could go back in time to fix it all, would you have stayed?
When you are sad, is it because of the love that we lost,
or do you believe your time was wasted, do you regret us?
In the night, while you sleep, do you ever reach for my warmth,
your hand searching for the feel of my hot skin in the dark?
Is the bed empty, or have I since been replaced,
does someone else lie there instead, or is it still an empty space?
With nothing around you to remind you of me,
is there anything left to keep me in your memory?
Do you want me to go, or are you happy to keep me for all of time?
I reach for you every night, but a blank space is all that I find.
Regardless of whether you retain me in your mind and your heart,
you will be in mine forever, don't ever think that you're not.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Do You Reach For Me?