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Nice Guys Finish Last

This phrase has been uttered, plastered, and used,
a stereotype, a cliché, whatever descriptor you choose.
I never understood why girls seem to be attacked to jerks,
but I know being a nice guy doesn't seem to work.
Not her specifically, she was different and unique,
I could tell this from our time together within the very first week.
I always did my best to treat her like a queen,
but she left me anyway, now I am living a terrible dream.

I never treated her badly, tried to control her or cheated,
yet, I am the loser in love, feeling lost and defeated.
She said I was the best, no previous boyfriends could compare,
the way I treated her, how sweet I was, how I was always there.
She was the greatest that I have ever had as well,
no search will ever discover a love that burns hotter, not even in hell.
Constantly on my mind, I was no longer an I, but instead became we,
every decision that went through my mind, centered on you and me.

Love coffee in the morning? Check. As soon I hear her wake it starts to brew,
regular iced coffee for me, but a gourmet cup for you.
Vanilla and Godiva liquor, whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and then...one more.
Carefully walking it back to the bedroom, trying not to spill on the floor.
Nice and hot, delivered to you in bed with love and a smile, oh, and a cinnamon stick.
A drink, then an undeniable smile, whipped cream on your nose, but just the tip.
Ask you if you are hungry, and then off to make us brunch,
too late to be breakfast, too early to be lunch.
Waiting so patiently for you to join me for the day,
distracting myself with Xbox, keeping the volume low while I play.
I tried never to wake you, because I always thought you loved sleep,
now I find out, it was just a way for you to escape being with me.

I always wanted to let you do what you loved,
whether that was sleeping, or hanging out with your girls at the pub.
I have no idea where it all went wrong,
but I would say I was a nice guy and now you are gone.
Maybe I should go back to my old ways,
treating girls like toys, use them for fun and then throw them away.
Hurt them before they have the chance to hurt me?
A terrible way to look at things, that's not what I see.
So I am a nice guy, but that still is not enough,
what could have I have done to retain her love?

Never would I ever lay a hand on her, raised to never hit a woman,
unless she asks for it, then I'll give her a spank, and it'll be a good one..
I wish she would have spoken up, and told me what was wrong,
but the time she realized it bothered her, she had already decided to move on.
So, it appears being a nice guy has ruined my life,
I have lost my fiancé and will never take her as my wife.
A shame and regret I will carry with me for all of my remaining days,
wishing with each passing moment that she was still here today.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Nice Guys Finish Last