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Can Anyone Help Me?

I wish I knew how to fix this, there has to be a way,
I want so bad for someone to help me, to come and save my day.
Maybe they know something I don't, a detail I missed,
I would give anything to solve the issue and return to your kiss.
I am afraid I am going to lose you forever, never to return,
causing my heart to crumble to rubble, catch fire and burn.
Maybe a friend, one who knows how much I love her,
maybe some help from her sister, or maybe her brother?
Someone please talk to her, she may listen to the opinions you voice,
I tried, but she was so distant, appeared she had already made her choice.
Remind her how much I love her, and how I was always there,
tell her how bad this is hurting me, and let her know how much I still care.
There is no one in our life that could misunderstand,
just how much that girl is genuinely loved by this man.
I would hope they would help me, I have never done them any wrong,
stating they love what we have, can they help me keep us going strong?
With a love like ours, its so hard to believe that either could walk away,
it would be impossible to have built our life, if we handled things that way.
Please think of the struggles and all we have handled,
we never fought, but life still happens and we always managed.
Both of us supporting the other, this led to some great years,
the length of our love now flows and equal length of tears.
Please tell her I miss her, and no matter what it takes,
if you can't help me now, I will do all that I can to win her back someday.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Can Anyone Help Me?