When I stress emotionally
It usually presents physically
But you know that
You know my body
These damn emotions
They say a lot and it makes me hesitant honestly
I donít share them because like who wants to hear such negativity
I fight them
It was either fight them or fight you
Well...fighting you hurt more than any emotion could
Well fighting my emotions...it made sense
Emotions arenít always truth....but if we give them life we make them our reality
Some of them are not valid
I feel better when Iím with you
I feel better when I can help you
I really am afraid of the day youíll find another
It terrifies me
But am I reading too deep
Am I a side piece?
If you feed them they will grow
Itís important to feed the right ones
Thatís what Iím choosing to feed.
I honor you Lady of My Life.
Thank you

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