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To have a vaccine or not is not a question;
the question is do you value your life or not.
Over 2.6 million deaths worldwide and the highest
Number of deaths- 534000 in the USA should
make you think that the only way to avoid
Covid-19 is to help your immune system by getting
Vaccinated with a vaccine to stop the virus from killing you.

Like any other medicine, one in a million might get
An adverse effect but not having vaccine out of fear
Of adverse effect is to invite death not just for you
But others who come in contact with you if you are
Infected by the coronavirus and that includes your
Loved ones you love and would mean them no harm.

There is no compulsion for getting vaccinated and
You are free to take a risk but telling others not to get
Vaccination is to push them to their early grave.
Unfortunately, my own daughter is against any kind
Of vaccination and my grandson has no vaccination
Since his birth and I am constantly worried about him.

Thanks to vaccines for those horrible diseases are now
A thing of the past but anytime they could come back.
If you don't want to get the vaccine, you have a right to
Put yourself at risk but do not turn others against
The vaccination to avoid getting coronavirus infections.
Always remember that you and your kids are safe from
Smallpox, Tuberculosis and many deadly diseases
because of the vaccination for those deadly diseases.
Help get rid of coronavirus by getting vaccinated
And by encouraging others to get vaccinated as well.  

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
16th March 2021.

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