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Ushering Me Back To Sleep

I still grip your pillow tightly each night as I lay,
thinking of that feeling and wishing I could hold you that way.
The texture so soft and tender on my warm skin,
briefly imitating the feeling of your cool touch once again.
Your scent still holds on, almost as I tightly as I do,
afraid to wash your pillow case, losing what little I have left of you.
When I wake in the night and remember that you've left,
I pull it even more closely, and then I take a deep breath.
For a moment, it transports me back to a happier time,
when you were still excited to be by my side.
An affectionate exchange highlighted by the sparkle in your eye,
when our love was raging, and we did not even have to try.
Like the current in the ocean, or waves crashing on the shore,
our love was inescapable, a great unstoppable force.
For those few seconds, heart rate increases, senses on high,
scents & visions of the most enjoyable time of my life.
Enough to distract me from my current stasis of sorrow,
ushering me back to sleep, helping me make it through to tomorrow.

Original Work by: Shawn A.    

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Ushering Me Back To Sleep