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My First Morning Thoughts

I thought I would feel better if I told her how I still felt,
but now I just feel worse, after finally getting it all out.
Not because of my tone, or due to what I was saying,
no, because the last thing I remember hearing was her sobbing.
I hate the fact that I made her cry, really is like salt in the wound.
but from her aggravation and discomfort, I knew my hopes were doomed.
She didn't seem to have any interest in saving us, which I don't understand,
at one time she wanted to be my wife, walking down the aisle hand in hand.
To go from a love that was out of this world, to now, no desire to try,
I will never comprehend what I did to cause that, not for the rest of my life.
I am sorry that you feel I am not worth keeping, I still think that you are,
but if you do not want me anymore, then I will just have to keep you in my heart.
You will always be the one with whom, I shared so many amazing firsts,
forever you will hold a spot in my heart, a place I believe you deserve.
Whenever I think of you, I will always remember you in the greatest of ways,
one day when you look back at our time, I hope that you can do the same.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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My First Morning Thoughts