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I've seen her at her best and I've seen her at her worst,
but I've never seen her like this, this is a first.
She has not been responsive to my efforts of affection,
trying to get a smile, but her annoyance is what I am catching.
I wish I knew what was wrong, she says it's just work,
I know there is something else, but not sure where to look.
She knows I am here for her, she can talk to me about anything,
but she is not confiding in me, and my questions produce nothing.
She assures me it's nothing, with a forced smile and a touch,
I honestly believe her, because I love her so much.
Never a reason to distrust what she says,
I ask her if she wants to watch something, she says time for bed.
If I would have known that the end was around the corner,
absolutely I would have followed her, just so I could hold her.
I did not realize she was unhappy with me, I knew she was stressed,
but we discussed it and she said it was work, so I disregarded the rest.
I wish I could go back in time to find the right way,
I wish so badly that she was here, still with me today.
It can be so hard to function when you are fighting through tears,
even harder when it lasts for months, and that turns into years.
An everlasting sorrow, one that hangs over me to this day,
one that follows me like my own shadow, I can never get away.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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