The Corona Clown

Corona, Corona the globalist garb
Play the clown, wear our gown.
Close down the global town.

All around,All around
Clear across the pond,
Every petty political god marched the public grounds.
Lock step, lock step, the echoing sound.

Freedom arrested,
Frozen rights attested,
Founding Fathers tested,
Constitutions molested,
Good science detested,
Censorship levels crested.

Only one view, only one view,
The globalist perspective beyond review.

Facing this peril
The new order evil
Boring our rights like a weevil
Heroes arose in the upheaval.

Social media warriors into the rapids paddled
The Patriots would not be rattled
In defending the Republic's 45th in battle.

The silent majority in league
Breaking the media's siege,
Faithful to the Lord and in oath keeper's allegiance
Resisted the medical belligerence.
Holding fast to the truth,
Prevailing through the fake news smoke
Many arose and against tyranny spoke
Routing the entrenched evil 1% blokes
Thumbs down to their evil meme jokes.

No more lockdowns,
On this We The People frown.
We will not dance for globalist clowns.
We cast down their crowns.

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The Corona Clown