Tattoos in Mayberry

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We're in the swing.
of everything.
Clearly, we're alive
A song at supper.
we sip our dinner.
It's our simple truth
that ain't no lie.
I'm slap dap, happy..
I'm lighter than air.
Even when I'm takin'  a dive.
I'm the man to see
for a modest fee.
I'll get you the milk
and the cow for free.
I'm your RFKMT

Smoke and drink in our yards.
Make our fast money at cards
do nine holes of golf in our dreams.
as I wait patiently for your next recovery.
Great news, you're next on our registry.
We're here to feel the pain
from your terminal disease.
We're  the RFKTP.
Stop picking off
all the most fertile buds
from off your worry tree..
Enjoy a respite buffer
we've got you double covered.
We're your RFKMT.
We release our demons.
To mortgage your affliction.
Our pills are your disease.
Get the organ bucket ready for our deep freeze.
Looks like your next on the memorial tree.
We're your RFKMT...
So tragic how our happy pill 
Has  made you
deathly ill..
Dying in heated, adjustable, hospital bed,
Is better than dying as road kill.
Plus, to help your family through,
we'll waive our burial fee.
We're your RFKMT....

It's hard to know which wire to cut
the red, the green or the blue wire..
All the wrong wires and tires I've cut
has me now sled dog tired.
Still if not for you to disarm me
I give you all I have to give., 
if you please just keep charmin' me
It's worth the risk to lose my most current W-2's and 3's.
Just keep it a'' comin.'
these  wheels 'a' hummin'
 at the

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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