Tattoos in Mayberry

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I've got the low down 
on  most everything.
Clearly, I'm alive
A song at supper.
 I sip Scotch at dinner.
It's my simple plan
that ain't no lie.
I'm slap dap, happy..
I'm lighter than air.
Even when I'm takin' 
a dive.
I'm the man to see
for a modest fee.
I can get your milk
and the cow for free.
I'm your RFKMP 

Smoke and drink in my yard.
Make fast money at cards
play nine holes of golf in my dreams.
Waiting patiently on the putting green
for your next unremarkable recovery.
Great news, you're next in line on the registry.
For me to feel your pain
from your terminal disease.
I'm  your RFKMP
Stop picking 
all the most fertile buds
from off your worry tree..
If you start to sweat,
you have my number
it's toll-free
no need to suffer
rest easy
I've got you covered.
At your RFKMP.
I will quick release your demons.
Put on lay away your afflictions.
My remedy is the color of your disease.
Get the organ bucket 
out and ready from the deep freeze.
Looks like your name's
next to be etched
on our memorial tree..
I'm your RFKMP..
So sad my happy pills 
made you
so deathly ill..
But,isn't recouperating up our cripple creek,
better than writhing as road kill.
If you die as our guest,,
We can waive your burial fee.
Where would you be
if it weren't for us
here at the fleet 
of  your RFKMP

When you're unsure which cable to cut
the green, the red or the blue .
When stress from trip wires
you've blown out and gutted
has you sled dog tired.
I'm on duty to fit you
with our most comfortable shoes.
My entire staff will be charming you.
As we keep disarming you..
Just sign and mail your W-2 and 3.
 so we can keep it  all comin.'
those  wheels 'a' hummin'
At your RFKMP.

All publishing and 'editing' rights reserved  'as is' by this author

Buddy Bee Anthony

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