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I've got your low down 
 skinny on everything.
it's clear I'm livin' life  high.
A gong rings in for supper.
Sippin' Scotch Whiskey after dinner.
It's simple, stupid.
It ain't no lie.
I'm slap, dap, happy..
lighter than air.
Even when I'm takin' 
a dive.
For a modest fee
I'm your man
 to see.
I can get you your milk
and the cow for free
Easier and breezier
Leave it all to me..
I'm your RFKMP 

Smoke and drink in fenced yards.
Make fast money at cards
Playin' nine holes of golf in a dream.
Patiently awaiting on the putting green
for your next unremarkable recovery.
I'm your RFKMP

Great news, you're next in line on our registry .
for us to ease your chronic pain
from your terminal disease.
We request you stop picking 
all the most fertile buds
from off your worry tree..
If you start to sweat
you've got our number
no need to suffer
We've got you covered.
At the RFKMP

We're trained to quick release your demons.
Remove your bodily afflictions
Our  new remedy
is the color of your disease 
All contributions 
for the communal 'organ' bucket 
are stored in our municipal deep freeze.
you're name's next on the docket
for donor honors
on our pictorial dispensary 
Here at your RFKMP 
So sad, our happy pills 
made you
so deathly ill..
Don't fritter and fret
we offer only the best
we'll airmail you and your file
to our home of rest
Float you down crippler's creek
as an honored guest.
We're your RFKMP.

If by some fluke, in our care,, you were to  expire. 
You'll get a free sermon with a  touching eulogy
from a well spoken, well dressed, liar., 
plus, we'll even waive your burial fee.
if not for us at The Fleet.
wouldn't you feel incomplete
without your RFKMP?

When you're unsure which cable to cut
the green, the red or the blue .
When stress from crossed blown wires
has you sled dog tired.
Here's what we can do for you
Is shuffle you around
by providing you a voucher
for  a pair of non-skid shoes.
Our entire crew
Will do whatever it takes
to keep charming you.
Frisking and disarming you..
Just stamp and mail us 
your latest W-1-- W-2
and three..
So we can keep it all comin.'
these  wheels 'a' hummin' 
at your RFKMP.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All publishing, copy and 'editing' rights reserved  'as is' by this author

Re-Edited 11//06/2023  @  2:10 PM Pacific  StandardTime

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