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In this vast ever-expanding universe
nothing holds its place in space.
I was wrong to think that my room was steady.

Our earth spins around its axis at 1000 miles/hour
it still takes a day to complete a turn.
It revolves around the Sun in a year travelling
at a speed of roughly 67,000 miles/hour.
The sun is not steady either in the galaxy.
It keeps going around the centre of the galaxy
at even much higher speed than that in the space.

The whole universe is expanding and
our galaxies are thrown out far from
the centre of the universe after
the so-called big bang that exploded
Billions of years ago, exploding universe
is expanding as the content gets
thrown out at a very high speed.

After expanding fully it is believed that
it would start contracting because of
the strong centripetal force due to
the gravitational forces towards
the centre of the Universe and then
it would explode with another big bang.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver

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