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In the Court of St. Boris the Liar

It’s all their  forelocks to the fore

Much  flattery and prevarication

And  truth doesn’t  matter anymore.

With his artfully disarranged barnet

And his lopsided false leer

He’s an exert in twisting or even

Making many facts disappear.

What the heck is he hiding as he

Distracts all the newspapers

Raising hell and indignation about

His apartment decorating capers.

What nefarious deals are happening

From resources of the State

As Boris takes good care of his

Equally dodgy bezzie mates.

Is he laying up banks of gratitude 

To help him take a good grip

Of the possible consequences of 

His Quick release trouser zip.

It must be hard up at the top

When your salary’s not enough

And there’s only so many ways

Of acquiring crinkly green stuff

The future may look uncertain,

A period of financial need

A result of the way he casually 

Seems to spread his seed?

Somehow he seems to keep

His popularity and appeal

As one by one the bits fall off

His Oven Ready Brexit Deal.

But, the greatest problem for Boris,

The over promoted Party Hack,

Is when his erstwhile supporters

Turn and stab him in the back.

When our History is complied 

Will future scholars understand 

How we allowed such a person to

Rule and exploit our once proud land.


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