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Take Today, Give Me Yesterday

Today, I tried to move forward, but ended up going back,
tried talking to her about her day, but ended up getting off track.
I have done a lot of thinking lately, which resulted in a lot of talking,
what I wanted to say, things not said, thoughts I have only been writing.
I had no ill intentions, just trying to save what we have,
expressing my hopes to work through it, but it just made her mad.
Not well received, nor was my reaction to the initial breakup,
I never want her to think I didn't try to pursue her and make up.
I told her I would give it my all, and that she knows I can change,
but she countered with the statement that it just isn't the same.
She said she still loves me, but her heart no longer holds that feeling,
this statement broke my heart, and it still has me reeling.
Now realizing that she is getting further and further from reach,
I worry that I have now done more damage that good with this speech.
I can hear her sniffles, her sobs and her cries,
I wish she was here so I could hold her, and wipe the tears from her eyes.
I proceed to tell her how much I love her, and why we shouldn't give up,
not realizing that she was so upset, that she had already hung up.
I get a message that says she can't do it anymore,
she didn't want to talk to me now, it was then that my heart hit the floor.
We'll talk another time she says, but I know what that means,
she likely won't change her mind, and I haven't helped anything.
The rest of my night, I felt surly and sullen,
then I woke up to find I still felt the same way this morning.
I wish I could go back, to the moment I received her call,
it was so nice and pleasant, I would just enjoy it, no persuasion at all.
I am afraid that what I feared most is now my reality,
I have lost her forever, she will never return to me.
This creates a waterfall of emotions that I struggle to fight off,
perpetual sorrow for that which I have lost.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Take Today, Give Me Yesterday