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Unpleasant, Yet Needed

Last night we had a conversation, one that further split my heart,
I tried talking to you about the reasons why we are apart.
Although it did not go well, and both of us were upset,
it was a needed conversation, one from which we will both benefit.
In search of hope, I wanted to see if we could both agree,
to work on ourselves, and then we could start to work on you and me.
This would allow us both room to improve and grow,
but included the additional element of not letting go.
Not letting go of what we had, or what we can still have,
not letting go of us, and no looking back.
However, you did not see it the same way, and offered much resistance,
telling me everything is different now, regardless of my persistence.
She has fallen out of love with me, believing it will never return,
creating a horrific feeling, like watching a plane crash and burn.
In my mind, silently screaming like a victim in the wreckage,
extending my hand for help, but not being saved as expected.
Instead, the flames rise higher, obscuring my view,
making it harder to reach for your hand, impossible to get through.
With all my hopes and dreams now set ablaze,
I think I realize now that nothing will get her to stay.
So, I tell her how much I love her, and that I will always care,
I hope one day it will work out, still wanting a life we can share.
But I promise her that I will not bother her with it anymore,
she knows how I feel, and how I want nothing more.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Unpleasant, Yet Needed