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What Lies Ahead

It has been a while now and I still cannot see clear,
living my life in a fog, wandering aimlessly without you here.
I cannot see what is ahead, I can barely make out the past,
it was once so clear, but the fog obscured the view so fast.
I essentially feel completely lost, yet in a place so familiar,
it looks almost the same, but the ambiance is different, deja vu style similar.
The eerie sensation is there, letting me know something is not quite right,
that eerie sensation that never leaves, following me day and night.
An oppressive & ominous feeling that my life is no longer complete,
a feeling that has taken control, my will is unable to compete.
The colors no longer pop, their vibrant disposition now suppressed,
birds singing, people laughing, others displays of affection, all now makes me depressed.
I no longer know my place in the world, or where I belong,
not the boyfriend, or the revered fiancée, and her husband I will never become.
Overburdened with the overwhelming sense of sorrow,
unable to focus on today because we no longer have tomorrow.
No tomorrow for me to look into your eyes and tell you that I love you,
no tomorrow where I wake and admire you, being my beautiful morning view.
Arriving home no longer excites me with anticipation,
opening the door to dreaded silence the reality I am now facing.
I have lost my fiancé, who was also my best friend,
a devastating loss, a tragic love story, one I live again and again.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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What Lies Ahead