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Sorrow Brings The Storms

It has been raining here for what feels like forever,
even when the sun is shining, there is still stormy weather.
Engulfed in rain, it has a direct connection with my mood,
natures theatrical element, highlighting my sorrow and gloom.
A soundtrack for the broken hearted, thunder and pounding rain,
a sound both soothing and violent, amplifying and also numbing the pain.
Teetering back and forth on the line between reality and denial,
this will without a doubt, delay the storms for a while.
Continuing to have trouble admitting she is gone,
I know that she is, but I cannot seem to move on.
Stagnant, like water without a stirring flow,
decaying, like a body without a living soul.
Let the rain wash it away, all the pain and the sorrow,
give me blue skies and a positive outlook for tomorrow.
I tell myself it was her choice, not mine...
I am a great guy, and I am going to be just fine.
Just keep your head up and enjoy the memories that you have,
you never had a better time in your life, no one can take that.
Hang on to those moments, look back on them when life turns gray,
the greatest memories of your life, to brighten your day.
So, as I keep my head up and the rain drenches my face,
it helps to hide my tears, camouflaging them in place.
But as I am doing my best to keep my head held high,
I see an ominous sight that I simply cannot deny.
The fact that my life is changing and will never be the same,
the fact that I lost the greatest love ever, it will always be a shame.
This manifests in a black swirling funnel cloud,
ripping and tearing at my emotions, swirling round and round.
My mental strength sways back and forth like a tree in the storm,
from thinking 'I will be okay', to sobbing 'how do I continue on?'
I cannot seem to get my bearings or find a sense of direction,
a man lost in the storms, no compass or umbrella for protection.
So, I find a way to make it through another day,
hoping that the storms will eventually go away.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Sorrow Brings The Storms