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Amazingly beautiful and wonder of the world,
it is a perfect sphere distorted by the gravity,
with a transparent wall so thin it could be just
a molecule thick with extraordinary forces of the
surface tension keeping it in the shape of a thin film.

Colours of a rainbow reflecting and refracting in
the light and separating into millions of colours.
The beautiful soap-bubble in the air looking great.
Such a wonderful thing to have in my life Forever
and ever till eternity, till the end of time.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
23rd March 2018.
"Soap-Bubble" is metaphoric and Paradoxical
poem. In the vast scale of time of Billions of
years our life-span of fewer than 100 years is
so small it is almost insignificant and yet to
us our life is so full of things like a
soap-bubble, so beautiful with amazing structure
and millions of colours, bound to burst if touched
or when it touches the ground.

It is also a Metaphor for the things in our
lives that are so beautiful but temporary
things we are bound to lose sooner or later.

There is a Paradox at the end where a wish
to have the Soap Bubble last till eternity
is made. Everlasting Soapbubble is a Paradox.

I write short poems like a compressed Zip file.
Some understand some of it and some do not see
it at all so I felt a need to explain very deep
and serious thinking behind writing my poems.  

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
23rd March, 2018.

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