Monday I was in a hurry !!

Monday I was in a hurry
Then out of a shopping flurry
Dashed a beauty, skin like curry.

Her quick glance, slowly seasoned
Blackening seasoning in her reasoning
She stood in a burning chilly stance
What a romance to chance!
Her walk a stir fry
Drifting my thoughts awry
Her cooking aroma was high, no lie.

Further downtown all traffic slowed down
I saw no zebra crossing but then a cutie, her hair tossing
Her skin a strong black pepper, preparing our senses, like a prepper.
On heels like towers, she stalks in power
A spicy sauté at any hour, her eyes a fiery glower.
On her business she bounced away
Leaving longing lingerers to stray.

As I turned a corner, sadly sorry
A shortie got out a lorry.
Her stance, what a dance.
Hot pepper in her glance
Her smile a fiery lance
Her voice a fiery choice
The only suffice would be, a full-length invoice
Converting all debt in full, to happily rejoice.

Tuesday, on the bus now
A browning, wow!
Wearing a defensive scowl,
Sat next to me. Her hair she flicked.
Melanin in a paprika slick
Shining skin not a trick
Bodily fit, strong like a brick.

Her voice a smooth five spice
Lemon pepper fish and rice.
Succulent her sweet entice.

Thursday. Her boots so cute,
She flexed unmute.
Cinnamon, clove and ginger root
Flavored our budding shoots.
Emotions had no moot
Desire the mutual loot.

Friday. As we stood to exit
It was during the days of Brexit.
There was also mention of Blexit.
Many hot issues bubbling like a brook
One look was all it took to cook.