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Erma Sue

Dear Erma Sue, my sweet, sweet girl,
You've caught lots of hard knocks in this ugly old world;
One thing that makes me happy is that you're my friend,
And that our loyalty to each other could never end;

I know, Erma, that you have suffered so much,
I used to wish I could help you with just a touch;
At least we communicated by letter or phone,
As long as we were friends, we were never alone;

Remember the lady who was dejected and down?
She said, "If I could just touch the fringe of his gown!"
She was instantly healed, right away she could tell,
Jesus said to her, "Your faith has made you well."

God promises that soon there will be no more tears,
Gone will be everything that causes all fears;
We'll be running, dancing, laughing with joy,
Praising Jehovah--even death he'll destroy!

Yes, Erma, we'll soon be in paradise,
Where nothing wicked or tempting will entice;
We'll never again suffer, be depressed or ill,
Joyous life everlasting--that's Jehovah's will.

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Erma Sue