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Anxiously Anticipating Her Arrival

She will be back in town tomorrow for a few hours, the first since she left,
walking out that door, stealing my heart & the love, the ultimate theft.
When I got her message, I thought she was coming just to pack,
but she told me we could spend the time together when she got back.
I know she is still gone, and this is not her changing her mind,
but I believe it is her supporting, and trying to comfort mine.
She knows that this has been unbelievably hard for me,
although unaware of the extent, my dark feelings she does not see.
No, I keep those hidden for fear that it will alter her perception,
dark thoughts I only disclose in my writings, for my own protection.
Thankfully, those thoughts are never present when she is around,
only in her absence can these disturbing ideas be found.
I look forward to seeing her so very much,
seeing her smile, embracing her in a hug, feeling her magical touch.
We will go out for lunch and hopefully have a great day,
another enjoyable memory that I can think back on someday.
Maybe we can sit close and watch a movie like in the past,
laughing and joking with each other, another memory I can make last.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Anxiously Anticipating Her Arrival