Ash Ash Ash

And all around, every day the hash
Ash, ash, ash
Making all wash, wash, wash
Splash, splash, splash.
Then the hoped-for rain pitter, splatter, splattering
Cleansing the hot breath distant muttering.
The ash down the drain spluttering
From fortifications it built in the gutterings
Laying siege on the roofs and ceilings,
All shrouded in gray covering.

All day, every day the hash
Ash, ash, ash
Splash, splash, splash
Falling on your skin like a rash.
On your house like a fine grey mash.

Shield volcano, stratovolcano, lava dome and caldera,
Land, sea and submarine all live in the area.
An amphitheater for their vocal aria
These terra forma giants in their regional plenaria.

Their ashy cement, raising tropical lament.
Their hot lava debate pouring out their comment.
As each rumble awake and roars by increment.
Their judgement is torment.
Prepare for their next tropical rally
With one eye on hurricane alley.