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written for my aunt's funeral March 17, 2011
RIP Aunt Rochelle Kantor 10-6-1937--3-13-2011


When will I think of you now that you're not here?

Often enough that I still feel you're near.

When I see things or taste things or hear things that remind me

I'll think of you and the memories behind me.

The time you told me the ice cream joke, with the F word in it

I turned red and laughed out loud for at least three full minutes.

So when I eat ice cream, or chocolate or I cuss..

thinking of you is a definite must.

I used to hate "Jeopardy!" and how you'd never miss it

but it grew on me more and more with each visit.

So every night when I watch it now at your suggestion

I'll think of you in the form of a question.

When I was sixteen and scared to drive like my peers

you got me driver's ed. classes, and made me face all those fears.

So when I am driving, or in class, or scared

I'll think of you and how much you cared.

You liked all of the holidays, but maybe Valentine's best

and opening cards you sent made a big confetti mess!

that's why on a holiday or when messes need sweeping

I'll be thinking of you and probably weeping.

I liked watching you bowl, and I'd chuckle inside

'cause you had a little ritual where you wiggled your backside.

So if I bowl, or I chuckle, or wiggle my butt

I'll think of you and your patented bowling alley strut.

When will I think of you, now that you're not here?

Often enough to keep you feeling near.

Things that bring you to mind, too many to share,

so when will I think of you?.. Only when I breathe air.

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